If you have an IT infrastructure and it hasn’t yet collapsed after the loss of a mission critical server, you should consider yourself lucky.
For those of us who have, we know first hand the necessity of proper maintenance of the all important servers in your organization.

Network Factor server support covers your servers from accidental deletion, hardware failure, physical damage, theft, and even natural disasters.   With our secure off-site backup feature (premium) you will not have to worry ever again that your data could be lost.  We maintain it for you!

In the event of a catastrophe we are always ready before your replacement hardware even arrives on site, and can often have your servers back up and running within 1 day of massive physical hardware malfunction, and sometimes even sooner!

Monthly Server Maintenance Features:

  •  All Labor Costs For Hardware Replacement
  • All Software Updates for your Business Continuity Applications
  • Unlimited Phone Support and On-Site Support As Necessary
  • Hardware and Software Discounts
  • Direct E-mail, Voice, and In-Person Access to Your Technician

Premium Coverage Adds:

  • Worry-Free Incremental Backup
  • After-Hours Phone and In-Person Support

If you still don’t feel comfortable still housing your data on-site, and would like to consider an even MORE secure alternative, check out MyCloud9.it, the Network Factor Cloud Services portal where you can find all the information concerning our bleeding edge Cloud Services package.