Welcome to Network Factor,

Have you ever struggled with your IT budget, IT Staff, or just the general fluid nature of Information Technology in the workplace?

Of course you have.  There are a few dozen people left in the world who can honestly claim to have never gotten frustrated with their computer, their smart phone, their desk phone or any other gadget they happen to use.  Not only that, but the number is dwindling daily.

We realized long ago that Information Technology Management is not an easy task, nor one to be taken lightly.  It is not a job that you hire just anyone for, and it is certainly not a part of your company that can afford to be simply ignored.  Recognizing the problem was the first step to the beginnings of a solution.  Now that you have reached our website you have taken the second step.

Outsourced IT has become more and more popular over the last few years where skyrocketing costs of employees, salary restrictions, and an economic downturn have pinched the pockets of many independent business owners, and even some giant organizations that couldn’t have even considered the idea of outsourced IT in the past.  But, times are changing, and doing so very rapidly.

Network Factor stands uniquely poised to not only take advantage of this fact, but to facilitate the very thing that small business managers and recently corporate managers alike desire:  Cost Control.

By hiring an outsourced IT company you are saying that you recognize the need for a proper Information Technology infrastructure and that you need a specialized company with diverse and broad experience to make it happen.  By coming on board, we are promising that we will be able to decipher, navigate, influence and properly configure your business IT structure to meet YOUR needs, and not force your business to mold itself around an application or a solution that very simply doesn’t work.

We are here for your success as much as you are, and in a partnership situation revolving around your monthly service contract we know that your success is directly related to our success as an organization.  We know that as your organization grows, so will your needs and therefore so will our organization.  The recognition of this fact has lead Network Factor to adopt the same philosophy that keeps our customers satisfied as our key to growth as an organization:

  1. Communication is key
  2. An unnecessary sale is worse than no sale
  3. Support Contract customers are more partner than consumer
  4. Deadlines are concrete
  5. Immediate resolutions are the best resolutions

Give us a call today at 727-260-5000 and test our resolve to make your our newest partner, and bring your organization our expert services including:

  1. Telecommunications
  2. Business Class Networking
  3. Active Directory / Domain Control
  4. Multi-User environments
  5. Home office environments
  6. HIPAA Compliant Business
  7. Workstation Diagnostics and Repair
  8. High performance servers and workstations
  9. Distributed Wireless Networking
  10. Large and Small scale project development and management

And many many more!